Monday, October 15, 2012

Petit Louis and Natalie

You have to pronounce this pair with a French accent - Puhtee Lwee eh Nahtahlee!  It's just too fun to say.  Petit, as he's called for short, showed up at the house of Natalie's friend Melanie almost exactly five years ago.  When Melanie called to him, he came right over… and wouldn't leave.   He was friendly and sported a dashing pink bedazzled collar but no tags.  (Collars: they're not just for decoration anymore, pet owners!  Put some identification tags on those things.)  Despite the collar and the couple extra pounds the pup sported, which proclaimed that somebody once owned Petit, the little white guy had matted hair and tangles for days.  Clearly he had been left, lost, or abandoned....

Melanie did her due diligence and called local shelters, posted on Craigslist, and put up ads around the neighborhood, but no one came forward to claim the handsome Petit!  Meanwhile, Natalie was spending some time at Melanie's house and began to fall for the canine visitor, so when Melanie told Natalie that she'd given up the search for Petit's owner, Natalie said that she wanted to take him home!  November 22, 2007 - Thanksgiving - was the day.  Petit Louis jumped into Natalie's car without a second thought, and to this day "going bye bye" is one of his favorite pasttimes!  After all, the car is how he finally made it to his forever home.

Natalie insists that she didn't rescue Petit.  He rescued her.  He's taught her to slow down, relax, and enjoy the great joys of life - a not-too-clean house with a nice white dog belly to scratch.  Petit Louis now lives his days knowing that he'll never be left again.  He enjoys long walks on the harbor, relaxing at home, and eating.  No toys, though, please - if he can't eat it, Petit is not interested.

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