Saturday, October 27, 2012

Emmy and Louise

Look at this adorable pair!  Emmy's is a true rescue story.  This little, teeny, tiny five-week old kitten arrived at a shelter with a broken leg and a broken foot. Not only did she have broken bones, but she didn't appear to be a thriving kitten - she was listless, unresponsive, and generally feeling terrible.  Enter my best rescue buddy, Lisa, who can save a broken kitten like nobody can.  Lisa whisked Emmy off to her kitty heaven home where hopeless kitten cases find hope....

After about a month, would you believe that this cross-eyed beauty was bounding around, eating like a champ, and chasing her foster cat siblings?  The beautiful silver tabby charmed everyone she met with her sunny-I-love-all-cats-and-people disposition!  Lisa is such a good rescue buddy that she let us poach her newly-healed prize kitten as a much-needed buddy for our then-foster, Hercules.  We, too, fell under the spell of this little girl, who curled up beside us and Hercules every chance she got.

Since I know Emmy so well, I can write about her defiance of many cat stereotypes.  We pet rescue people have all sorts of dos and don'ts for animal adoption.  One do is to integrate your new pet with your resident pets slowly - Emmy loves all cats immediately.  Don't integrate your pet too quickly into your entire house - Emmy is not to be contained!  

While Emmy stayed with us and Hercules, Emmy met her future soulmate - our wonderful friend, Louise!  Like everyone else, Emmy charmed the pants off of Louise and warmed her sweet way into Louise's heart.  Louise fondly remembers her first meeting with Emmy, during which Emmy spent the vast majority of the time napping under our unreasonably large Christmas tree.  (Thankfully, at that first meeting, Emmy did not demonstrate her Christmas tree climbing skills.  We are still grateful that she was small and the tree was large.)  After cat sitting for our orange boy cat, Hercules, Louise decided that she was ready to be a pet owner.  She wanted a kitten with lots of energy, and boy did she get it!  While rescues often recommend that kittens go in pairs or to homes with other cats, so that they get sufficient playtime, never fear cat lovers!  This little kitten gets all the play she can possibly handle at Louise's condo.  Not only playtime, but Emmy enjoys spending her time waking Louise up at 5:00 a.m., meowing at the buses that drive by, and pretending to hunt squirrels from behind the window screen.  She also loves toys, all things scratchable, and boy, does she love cat nip.  One of Emmy's hind legs still takes a funny turn, but it doesn't slow her down! 

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