Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adidas and Cyrus

We have a very special place in our hearts for this beautiful black boy cat because he was our very first foster cat!  Adidas started out as the most shy cat we'd ever met, and when we first brought him home and let him loose in his isolation room (one room at a time in new homes!), he ran into the closet and shivered with fear for about 36 hours.  Yikes!  But what a turnaround.  Adidas, who is roughly the size of a small panther, soon came out of the closet and ruled the roost.  He was such an energetic, athletic cat that he quickly tired of his foster parents and their wands and laser pointer and demanded a real, live cat friend.  Adidas quickly demonstrated that he loved chaos.  When we brought home a feline foster brother for him, he didn't hiss or growl as stranger cats do to one another; he was dying to meet the new guy!  Far from running away when neighbors and children came to visit, he sniffed them and let them pet him and generally reveled in mayhem!  But what about that handsome young man in the picture, Cyrus?

Cyrus is the son of a wonderful friend of mine, Yvette.  When her family's longtime tomcat, Felix, passed away, Yvette promised her young sons that they could some day get a new cat.  This is a tall order: a cat who would get along with another cat, a dog, two young boys… Well, not all cats like small children, other cats, and dogs, but maybe Adidas….?  (Some helpful adoption advice: if you need a cat with particular personality traits - say, good with kids, or, likes dogs, or doesn't dig in plants - check with a rescue that has pets in foster homes. The foster parents will know exactly which pets exhibit those personality traits!)

Back to Cyrus and Adidas… Yvette, her husband, and her sons came over to visit the wild cat, and while our other foster, Hercules, ran upstairs and hid for most of the visit, Adidas played with the young visitors nonstop for an hour!  

Adidas has what he always wanted: a family of his own with lots of energy, comings and goings, human and canine brothers, and a lovely lady cat sister.  His adorable habits are truly too numerous to list, but I'll endeavor to describe the most endearing.  Perhaps my favorite report is that when his canine buddy Beau goes to the back sliding door to be let out, Adidas immediately runs to his side and cries out until the humans let Beau out!  And of course, when the quiet Beau needs to come back in, he needs but to place a paw on the door, and Adidas runs to the rescue, crying out until his companions let Beau back in.  He also speaks in a special chirping voice to bugs and loves to hang out with the whole family.  Don't you just love happy endings? 

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