Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Linus and Bea

We met this happy pet and owner pair in the park this past Sunday. Linus is a Lhasa Apso. (Thank goodness for Google, so we all know how to spell "Lhasa Apso.")  Poor Linus had been dropped at a Pennsylvania SPCA late one night and was not found until the next day.  The poor guy had been left in his crate with no food or water all night, so not surprisingly, the hungry, thirsty pup was a bit aggressive toward the SPCA personnel.  (He was probably saying, "Hello! I'm uncomfortable and far from home! Please feed me, give me some water and a warm bed, and find my parents!") After several tries to remove him from the crate, the SPCA staff deemed him an aggressive dog and scheduled him to be euthanized.  But wait!  This is a blog for happy endings....
(We should add that Bea, kind-hearted as she can be, insists that the previous owners must have loved Linus very much because he is well trained and is so sweet! We're not sure how loving parents could abandon a beautiful dog, but we'll take a page out of Bea's positivity book and say that they just made one poor decision!)

Maryland Pet Match Rescue to the rescue! How have I never heard of this organization? Pet Match Rescue learned of Linus' situation and decided to rescue and rehabilitate him. After coming to Maryland, Linus needed a couple days to feel comfortable around people, but then boy was he comfortable! He followed his foster mom everywhere and became her little Lhasa Apso shadow.
Meanwhile, in a house not-so-far-away, Bea had lost her ten-year-old beagle, Buddy, to prostate cancer. Bea and Buddy really need their own post. Theirs is a beautiful story of unconditional love. Bea adopted Buddy and found out immediately afterward that he had cancer, but she didn't return him to the shelter when she found out. She spoiled him rotten as any fatally ill person or pet should be. Thank you, Bea, for giving Buddy a chance at happiness even though he was sick. Bea reports that Buddy loved to take long walks and to sit on the park bench in the sun.

But back to Linus! Maryland Pet Match was doing a "show" at a pet store in Baltimore, and there Bea met a little Bichon Fiche, but she cried the whole time Bea had her. That high pitched whine would never work. It wasn't a match!

As the Bichon went back to her kennel, a small paw came out and touched Bea. When Bea inquired about the owner of that small paw, she was told that he was not adoptable, that he could be aggressive, and they were unsure how he would react around other animals, but Bea insisted on taking the little guy for a walk.

It was love at first walk! As Bea filled out the paper work, Linus slept on her lap and then at her feet. The people from Maryland Pet Match agreed; Bea and the little Lhasa Apso were meant to be! Linus was later named for the older brother in the movie "Sabrina" or the book Sabrina Fair. Linus Larrabee, who never has time for fun, tries to save his brother from the chauffeur's daughter (Sabrina). In the movie Linus is always busy, which fits Linus, the Lhasa, to a tee. He is rarely still and is always looking for something to do...

Two years later, Bea says Linus has been wonderful to have in her life. He loves to play, go for walks, and chase birds and squirrels. (Until his momma says, "Linus! Stop chasing that squirrel!" It's truly amazing - he just stops, mid-chase!)

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