Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stella and Brittany

Brittany is the fairy godmother for this adorable rescued Chihuahua, Stella.  When Brittany moved out of her parents' house into a one bedroom apartment with her boyfriend, she really missed her family dogs, so she convinced her boyfriend to get a dog of their own.  Because they were in a small one bedroom apartment, they wisely looked for the smallest dog they could find.  She immediately pulled up Petfinder and looked for Chihuahuas.  (Quick rescue public service announcement: Did you know that you can rescue a pet even if you are set on a particular breed?  Of course you can!  Search Petfinder, like Brittany, for a particular breed, or look for rescue organizations that specialize in the breed in which you're interested!  Brittany found another great option… read on!)
Brittany searched for a few weeks, but she had trouble finding the right match.  Brittany's very smart Mom and brother convinced her to go to the county pound.  She had avoided going to the pound because she worried she'd see all of the deserving, needy dogs and want to take them all home!  Nevertheless, after some good-natured family cajoling, she went, and she found the perfect little dog - Stella!  Stella was dropped off at the shelter because her owner didn't want a dog anymore.  (I guess Stella's previous owner didn't realize that pet ownership is a lifetime commitment!)  Stella had apparently just delivered puppies, which the owners probably sold and then got rid of poor, hardworking mom!  For just $45, Brittany not only saved a life at a high-kill shelter, but she bought years and years of canine happiness. After Stella had her spay surgery, Brittany took the little girl home for some much needed rest and relaxation.  Brittany, her boyfriend, and Stella have been inseparable ever since.  Little Stella even sleeps under the blankets with her doting owners!

The happy trio is currently staying with Brittany's parents before purchasing their first home together (thank you for the pet-friendly transitional housing, Brittany's parents!).  When they move to their new house, Brittany and Boyfriend plan to adopt a little brother or sister for Stella!  We can't wait for Brittany's next happy rescue story....  

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  1. I just love these happy ending stories!! :)