Monday, November 26, 2012

Kubla and Sara

This fine pair comes to Pets & Owners via Chattanooga, Tennessee.  More specifically, Kubla comes to us via a kind-hearted truck driver, Chris, who was renting a room down the street from Sara.  Sara and her husband once had a menagerie in their home, courtesy of their pet-loving children, but as the children and their pets moved away and built families of their own, only Bill the Cat and Judy the Airedale Warrior Princess remained.  Sara and her husband agreed that they wouldn't adopt any more pets - after all, they had grandbabies to visit!  But a little kitten from downtown had other ideas….

Chris from down the road approached Sara with a little toweled-up ball in his hands.  When he opened the towel, Sarah saw a little wisp of a kitten with a wee pink nose and tongue.  He was mewing weakly.  Chris explained that he'd found Kubla in downtown Chattanooga, and after a thorough search for the little guy's mom or littermates (quick note: always look for Momma before taking in a baby animal), Chris decided he would find the kitten a good home on his block, where he knew a certain couple were excellent pet owners.

Sara looked at the cute kitten with huge, limpid dark blue eyes and perky, curious ears but was hesitant to touch him because she knew she wouldn't be able to say "no" to the little guy after a good ear scratch.  Recognizing a pivotal moment, even at such a tender age, Kubla let out a soft, plaintive squeak - a noise he still makes in cathood - and Sara succumbed to the urge to give the kitten a scratch… and then a cuddle… and then, well, of course Sara's husband fell in love, too.  In fact, when Sara asked whether they would be able to take in Kubla, her husband said, "Oh, he is already in the house snuggled up to Bill!"  If you knew Bill, you'd know that this was no small feat for a little feline interloper.
Kubla lived a long time in the Kuhn household admiring his elder, Bill, and chasing after his very good friend, Judy.  Although his older pals are now gone, he carries on the mantle of keeping his humans in good spirits by snuggling in their laps and greeting them eagerly at the door when they return home from a long day.  What joy a little balled up kitten from the streets of Chattanooga turned out to be!

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